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Smoking can be an addictive habit that might lead to numerous health complications if you fail to make a timely decision to quit. Such health complications include respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and various types of cancers such as lung cancer. The health risks of smoking outweigh the satisfaction derived from smoking, this necessitates a change in the smoking habit to save your health. There are various natural remedies that can be taken to help you quit smoking, such as the popular Tabex® Cytisine, Quit With Tabex founder expresses “Tabex has an astonishing ability to help stop smoking in a safe and natural way”

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is beneficial not only to your physical health but also to your mental health and general well-being. Quitting smoking is helpful in the following ways:

Improves Immune System

Once you quit smoking, your immune system will improve because there will be sufficient circulation oxygen to the body due to the reduced inflammation of the respiratory system. Having an effective immune system will help your body to easily combat illnesses such as colds.

Improves Blood Circulation

Your blood circulation improves once you quit smoking; this is very critical for your health. Smoking damages the inside of your blood vessels thus reducing proper circulation of blood into your body. Proper blood circulation is vital in lowering the risk of developing a heart attack and other diseases such as arteriosus.

Better Physical Appearance

Smoking can significantly deteriorate your physical appearance, especially by yellowing your teeth. Having discoloured teeth is a common phenomenon among smokers and it can result in bad breath. However, once you quit smoking, you will notice an improvement in the appearance of teeth. Note that proper dental care is a necessary measure to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Financial Benefits

A lot of your money gets wasted in your quest to satisfy the urge to smoke. The situation is worse if you have a habit of consuming, say a pack of cigarette daily. The money you use on your cigarettes and lighters can be put into better use once you quit smoking. When you quit smoking, you will notice a great change in how much money you save.

Health Milestones Experienced in Quitting Smoking

20 Minutes After Quitting

Once you quit smoking, you will experience positive effects soon as 20 minutes after your last smoke. Some of the positive changes that take place include improved blood pressure and normal movement of fibres in the bronchial tubes.

8 Hours After Quitting

During your smoking escapades, you accumulate carbon monoxide into your system which replaces oxygen present in your tissues. Eight hours after quitting smoking, you will experience a drop in the level of carbon monoxide and increased oxygen levels.

24 Hours After Quitting

Within the first 2 hours after you quit smoking, the functioning of the heart is enhanced due to the reduced constriction of blood vessels. Proper working of the veins and arteries increases the level of oxygen, thereby reducing the risk of developing a heart attack.

48 Hours After Quitting

Two days after quitting, regrowth of damaged nerve endings occurs, this improves your senses. You are now able to taste and smell things better due to the proper working of the nervous system.

72 Hours After Quitting

Three days after your last smoke, your breathing is set to improve due to the relaxation and opening up of the bronchial tubes. This development ensures that there is sufficient expulsion of carbon dioxide and intake of oxygen into the lungs.

A Week After Quitting

Studies have shown that, if you make it to one week, you increase your chances of success in getting over smoking. You are nine times likely to succeed in quitting smoking; this can go on for the rest of your life.

One Month After Quitting

Hitting a month without smoking comes with positive effects such as reduced smoking-related symptoms such as shortness of breath. Additionally, your energy levels improve due to increased oxygen circulation in your body.

Three Months After Quitting

Your sexual life is rekindled during the third month after your last smoke. For women, the chances of getting a premature birth will significantly reduce.

Six Months After Quitting

Six months after quitting, you will have developed better stress management techniques, and the urge to turn to smoke will have dropped. Other positive changes include less coughing, and mucus is produced.

One Year After Quitting

You will experience significant improvement in the working of your respiratory system. Your lungs will be functioning at their optimum capacity, and cases of shortness of breath will be out of the question. You will also notice an increase in productivity, you will now be able to focus more.