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The plant-based supplement Tabex, used to quit smoking could be repurposed.

The plant-based supplement Tabex, used to quit smoking could be repurposed.

The fact that smokers tend to be less overweight than non-smokers prompted a new study. The findings from this study can be harnessed and used as a weight loss treatment, researchers say.

They discovered a specific receptor in the brain to which nicotine binds and which is also responsible for suppressing appetite. In the study, researchers manipulated these receptors in the brains of mice, causing them to eat noticeably less.

Elissa J. Chesler, Ph.D., works to relate precisely measured and characterized mouse behaviors with specific aspects of human disorders, agreed that these results are likely to apply to humans as well, because the processes in our cells are very similar to those in mice.

“We’ve been able to find out exactly where appetite suppression occurs in the brain and which receptors are responsible for it,” said Marina Rachel Picciotto, Ph.D., a neuroscientist known for her work on the role of nicotine in addiction, memory, and reward behaviors.

“There are already possible treatments available,” said Dr. Picciotto and referred to Tabex, a plant-based supplement used in Eastern Europe to quit smoking. “It may be that treatments that are already being used to quit smoking could be repurposed,” she said.

Based on these findings, treatment with cytisine, the main ingredient in Tabex, would reduce the risk of weight gain in smokers who want to quit smoking, as well as increase the chances to lose weight in non-smokers.

About Tabex:

Tabex from the Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma is a product for smoking cessation. Taking Tabex leads to a gradual cessation of nicotine addiction, respectively smoking cessation within 25 days.

The active ingredient of Tabex – cytisine is an alkaloid isolated from the plant Cytisus Laburnum (acacia “golden rain”). Its chemical structure is similar to nicotine and competes for the same receptors in the brain – the so-called nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

However, cytisine has a stronger ability to bind to these receptors and thus “protects” them from nicotine by preventing it from binding to them. As a result, the symptoms of nicotine addiction gradually decrease and disappear.

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