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Previous studies had suggested that cytisine is more effective than placebo and nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation. Titled, “Effect of cytisine vs varenicline on smoking cessation: a randomized clinical trial,” the aim of this study was to compare the drug’s relative efficacy with varenicline.

To this effect, the research team conducted a randomized clinical trial across care centers in Australia. Adult daily smokers willing to make a quit attempt were enrolled beginning in 2017 with a follow-up carried out in January 2020. The findings indicated that although cytisine was better tolerated by patients, varenicline was associated with greater success at quitting smoking.

Varenciline was found to contain a level of carcinogens

Meanwhile last June, Pfizer was forced to halt the distribution of Chantix (varenciline) in the US and recall some stock after finding elevated levels of nitrosamines in the pills. However, the following month the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it would temporarily allow some manufacturers to distribute the carcinogen-containing drug, below an interim limit of 185ng per day, until the impurity is eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels.

Meanwhile, to help have enough supply of the medication available on the market, Canadian generic drugmaker Apotex will be temporarily allowed to distribute Apo-Varenicline tablets across the States.

WHO Adds Two Smoking Cessation Drugs to Its Essential Medicines List